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ENTUA AIMS 2020- 2022

Bus services

1. The introduction of a bus service from the rail station to Market Gates. There is of course service 1B in the summer but we wish to see  a service all year round
2. The launch of a year round service to the Seafront of at least once an hour during the winter and then with increased frequency in the summer.
3. Once open, a regular bus service to the new “THE HUB” complex, to be built close to the Pleasure Beach, to also operate evenings and Sundays.
4 We will continue to encourage First, to operate a service to Norwich, serving Caister, Filby, and Fleggburgh. This point was stressed very highly in discussions we have been having with Filby Parish Council. We have brought this matter up in our regular discussions with First bu at present they are not prepared to start just a service.With ENTUA's help Filby Parish Council will hols a detailed survey in their village during 2020.
5. Reinvigorate the campaign for the link from  Bradwell, (to serve Millwood Surgery), and then to  James Paget Hospital via Cliff Park High School at peak times, and then onto the development at Beacon Park. 

6. No further reduction in evening and Sunday services in the Great Yarmouth area, and to look positively to increase frequencies where possible
7.. To ensure all bus stops have current readable up to date timetables.To continue the practice of buses carrying timetables, especially when there has been a significant change to services.

9. With the ever increasing number of shops relocating out of the town centre to especially Gapton Hall. we intend to campaign for a regular bus service to this area to allow non drivers tocontinue to have the full benefit of these shops.

Rail services

1. Introduction of a half hourly Great Yarmouth to Norwich service, between the hours of 0800 and 1800, Monday to Saturday.
2. Extension of Greater Anglian, Norwich to Cambridge services to Great Yarmouth and of East Midlands Trains from Peterborough to Great Yarmouth, especially on summer Saturdays.
3. Return of London Liverpool Street service to and from Great Yarmouth.
4. The introduction of a later train, in the evening, especially in the summer months, to Norwich from Great Yarmouth.
5. .. We would investigate the possibility of the rail operator running a bus service from the rail station to Market Gates, Gapton Hall and Harfreys Industrial Estates. We anticipate this only being provided should there be no service operated by a recognised bus operator. The bus fare would be included in the price of rail journey.
6.. A radical overhaul of the station facilities provided at Great Yarmouth. Until this is undertaken, the concourse should remain open after 1730, to allow better waiting facilities and toilet provision.Improvements were made to the station forecourt during 2019
8. Recommencing and completion of the work on the Vauxhall Bridge. This would enhance the walk to the station for rail users and we would also hope that one of the road sections could be opened to allow buses and taxis direct access to the station forecourt.9.  We intend to continue to fight for the number of cancelled trains on our local lines to be reduced as this causes annoyance and frustration to passenmgers.